Mommy Phone Sex

Sit next to Mommy and let’s have a little chat, shall we?

You think you have everybody fooled, don’t you, naughty boy? I know exactly what it is you want though:

A naughty and oh so very sexy session with your favorite Phone Sex Mommy to take care of you.

Yes, I know… You sit there in your vanilla world, projecting a relatively comfortable vanilla life, thinking no one could possibly know what wickedness hides inside that dirty, naughty boy mind of yours … however I do. What you really want is a mommy to take care of all your little needs and you can find me @ mommy phonesex where dirty little boys such as yourself hand around.

Mommy Phone Sex

I know what it’s like to pretend to be “typical”, all the while requiring to feed the beast within. I know how the pull of dark lusts can lead you to even darker requirements, pushing you down a path of wicked perversions you believed you would never ever go.

3 things I want to inform you:

1) I will teach you
2) We will explore your dreams together
3) I will share mine with you.

Hmmm … So numerous fantasies to indulge in!

Get in touch and let mommy guide your hand… up and down… slowly… deliberatly… until you are about to explode and then she commands you to… STOP! You’ll come when she tells you to come of course!

Call now: 1-888-281-8290

However don’t drive yourself to anguish, I have good news for you. Your personal Phone Sex Mommy is here and will kiss it and make it all much better.

Interest, marvel, desire, needs. The requirement to quench the cravings. Still feeling there is no relief, no release, no outlet for those unmentioned taboos.

A mom is an instructor of all things, are they not? The seeds of delinquency start young, don’t they? Do not reject it. I have seen it adequate times reflecting back at me from such young eyes to know how true my words are.

Perhaps among these will get your little dick to jerk?

And in some cases a male requires to be advised that he’s not too old to wear diapers again … That he’s simply a huge Adult Baby and will be dealt with as such in every way. Oh yes, I have had lots of negotiations with Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers alike (maybe that is where my secret fascination of all things scat originates from).

Be a sweet and caring infant, and I will be a sweet and loving Phone Sex Mommy!
Be a naughty and obstinate child, and I will show you no grace as I flex you to my will.

Maybe what you lust after, what you require, is to take what has actually been flaunted in front of you, teasing you, but always rejected you. Let me inform you, assist you, reveal you.

My weakness is the need to immerse myself in all things deviant while showing to the world the image of an innocent and sweet Mom. The trustworthy pal, neighbor, colleague apparently protected from the deformed and twisted debaucheries of the world.

Sometimes a boy needs a strong hand– one to direct, to discipline, to show what’s excellent for him, whether he wants it or not. Even if that indicates that he’s actually supposed to be a girl and I recommend supporting the sissy, and yes, that indicates you, my little sissy slut that I know you are.

Curious about what your Phone Sex Mommy and her “good friend” do behind closed doors? I’ll let you peek and watch … or even better, offer you a ringside seat for all the celebrations. Perhaps I’ll even teach you all about the birds and the bees late during the night when I visit you in the darkness.

You and I know better, don’t we?

I am wet and leaking in anticipation of your call.

Cheap Phone Sex Quickie

Cheap Phone Sex

Phone Sex before coffee… I know it sounds like a crazy idea… I mean who is even awake before the first cup of a delightfully amber Joe.  I remember, back in the days when I didn’t know better, coffee for me meant a warmish dark liquid, “brewed” out of a Mr. Coffee excuse of a brewer the taste of which had to be tempered with a toast or whatever breakfast laid in my fridge. Then I met this lady and we became a couple, it was short lived, but one thing she taught me was how to make real coffee and in more ways than I’d care to admit, she is the reason behind this article, although she doesn’t know anything about it.  Besides, she was a lovely lady and if anything she made a real difference in my life.

So she taught me the value of a good cup of coffee and on many a mornings, at dawn, the time when even the wolves get back to base, we would lay in bed, smelling the wonderful aroma of a coffee prepared as it should be, enjoying the bliss of the moment.  Of course, lots of things happen when a couple lies in bed with a smile and yes, I know what you think, it’s exactly that.  When the two of us decided to part ways, I had fortunately at least leaned  how to make a good cup of coffee.  And confirmed that sex was really delicious after the first cup of mojo.  One thing lead to another and soon, I was working for a phone sex providing sexual release to horny callers, in search of excitement.

cheap phone sexPhone sex operators distinguish themselves by the way they talk and relate to their callers, and believe me when I tell you that the power of the words we use, the tone of our voices can send our callers to the best next thing to sexual nirvana.

Did you know that not all callers reach out to us for sex? Indeed, for some, the realization of their sexual fantasies come second to their needs to just talk.

A phone sex session, for some costs less than therapy. For them, a few dollars with me on a daily basis is all they need to get their bearings and if I’ve learned anything, it is never to judge anyone.

Of course, I am not advocating that people should forgo their relationship and go “adult chat” only but to paraphrase an advert about a particular beer…

“I don’t always have phone sex, but when I do, I have it before coffee…” And sometimes after as well.